No matter if you are working currently or in between jobs, it is important to be at the ready when it comes to your job search. In the spirit of making New Year’s Resolutions to mark the coming year, here are ten quick and dirty things you can do, today, to keep yourself up to speed should your job search become a reality.

  • Update your LinkedIn Profile. This one is a no-brainer and may be more important than a resume if you are passively job seeking.
  • Update your Headshot Photo. With all those cameras snapping photos at the dawn of 2017, have one good headshot photo taken against a plain background – looking your best, happy (and professional) self. No selfies!
  • Run your Resume Through a Keyword Scanner. See which keywords are doing you a favor by pairing your resume content with your dream job – it is a simple cut and paste job, and you can score how well your resume pairs up to your dream job description.
  • Send your Resume to Us. You do not have to be actively looking for a job to update your favorite recruiters with a fresh copy of your resume.
  • Run your Resume Through Spell Check. Here’s a freebie you can easily cut and paste into. Just do it!
  • Ask for Recommendations. We all forget to ask or follow up on recommendations. LinkedIn is a great medium for sharing public kudos so be sure to get former managers to make an active (preferably public) statement about your good work.
  • Get the Pulse of the Job Market. Do a brief search for local jobs on our website,, and also look into a broader market by using a tool like just to see what is in demand around the country.
  • Change Your Passwords. With hacking activity at an all-time high, you really should be keeping up to date. The last thing you want is your identity stolen which can affect your job search. Change that password, and make it complicated. If it is password123, you are going to be sorry!
  • Do your own Background Check. Grab a credit report from a site like Experian or and ensure that your credit is solid. Flag any questionable entries as your credit, if tarnished, can affect you in the hiring process. Don’t have strong credit? Start working on it. There are several credit counseling options available. See for yourself.
  • Reach Out to a Long-Lost Friend. New Years’ marks a time of renewal. Try to connect with any friends, especially those with professional ties to your industry, just to rekindle relationships. Quietly inquire about open roles and intel on hiring opportunities. Networking is everything.

Finally, be sure to keep us posted if you are looking for a new role, even if it is just a fleeting thought. We will keep you in our database and well-informed should any new positions appear in your area of interest.

With that, we welcome the New Year with wishes of a happy and prosperous 2017 to us all!