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Masiello Employment’s Do’s and Don’t-You-Dares: Interview Body Language Part 1

What you say on your resume will help you land an interview, but it’s (much!) more than what you say during the interview that will land you the job. What are we talking about? Nonverbal communication. Most notably, your body language, is also a major part of the message you send during an interview, starting [...]

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Spring Clean Your Professional Presence!

Let’s be realistic; warm weather is on the way and you’re about to get so busy you’ll probably start to forget what day it is! We’re talking jam-packed schedules full of beach days, summer vacations, and precious, long days of endless summer fun. The last thing you are going to find time to do is [...]

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Employers: Check your Company Culture!

Culture is a hot word right now – corporate culture and brand identity are proving to be relatively new buzzwords in hiring and staffing.  While a rather complicated topic, Masiello Employment would like to take a moment to break it down into three quick points to inspire thought. What is Company Culture? Essentially, it is [...]

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Your Skills are in High Demand!

New Hampshire is in a bit of a predicament – we have a large number of employers with an even larger number of open jobs, and what appears to be an overall lack of employees to fill them. Unemployment rates are extremely low (2.9%) and most workers who want to work are able to find [...]

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Masiello Employment’s Staffing Services: What your company needs to know.

If you are involved in hiring, it is likely that you need us. Not just because we are  superhuman staffing machines (which we like to think we are) but because you simply do not have the time or the resources to do your own recruiting. Most busy, successful businesses do not, so fear not – [...]

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(Don’t) Be my Office Valentine!

Another Valentine’s has come and gone; we hope you enjoyed your time with your sweetie of choice. As Monday rolled around, we also hope you did not bring your Valentine spirit back to the office. Forming relationships that are a little too friendly, or cross into personal territories, just doesn’t make good sense in a [...]

3 Questions to Uncover a Candidate’s Teamwork Skills

Most jobs require some degree of teamwork. That’s why several job postings list “must be a team player” as a requirement. But how can you tell if someone is really a team player or not? After all, not many people are going to apply for a job and during the interview say that they hate [...]

Motivating Temporary Employees

You hired on some temporary staff to complete a project, to fill an absence or for seasonal support. Whatever the reason, you hired them because you needed their help or expertise to get a job done. And it’s important to keep them motivated and excited about the job. Why? Temporary employees will impact your business’ productivity and, consequently, [...]

How to Handle an Employee Resignation

Regardless of whether it was a surprise or not, welcome or not, employee resignations almost always create a stressful and somewhat nervous work environment for everyone. That’s why it is important to handle an employee resignation both quickly and effectively. Here are some suggestions on how to best handle an employee resignation: Decide on an [...]

Hiring for Retention

When a position becomes available in your organization, do you think about right fit or right now? While it might be tempting to hire someone as quickly as possible, the “need-an-employee-now” mentality is not going to help you in the long run. Hiring managers who sacrifice right fit for immediacy are likely to find themselves [...]

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