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Looking for Seasonal Jobs? Look no Further than Masiello Employment!

Everyone can use a little extra cash for the holidays. That is simply a fact. It is the one time of the year when more is always better! So, if you need a little boost in your pocketbook, why not consider a Seasonal Job? Seasonal  jobs are terrific for many individuals. The work is often [...]

Black Friday May Mark the End to Your Job Search (This Year).

It is coming. November 25th. Just shy of a month away. The upcoming Black Friday may very well be the end of your job search (this year). And it has nothing to do with the shopping component of the day, the long lines, and cheap electronics, but has everything to do with the seasonal effects [...]

Your Skills are in High Demand!

New Hampshire is in a bit of a predicament – we have a large number of employers with an even larger number of open jobs, and what appears to be an overall lack of employees to fill them. Unemployment rates are extremely low (2.9%) and most workers who want to work are able to find [...]

Stay, Work, and Play – New Hampshire

New Hampshire is unique, with a long history of independent thought, politics, and a conservative Yankee spirit, the state is known for being slightly different. “Live Free or Die” as we say. And in the true spirit of being just slightly off center – we also have a unique labor problem. See, most of New [...]

Love your Career? Get Technical.

Not all of us are technology wizards, we get that. And some of us still struggle with tasks deemed ‘simple’ such as performing a Windows Update. * Yet it is clear that technology is here to stay, and the more we embrace it, the better our career outlook will be. Most people can perform simple [...]

Fall in the Monadnock Region. No Better Place to Be!

Now that it is officially fall, we can shake off the remains of summer beach days and get to the serious business of celebrating Autumn in New England. Cool air, short days, ripe apples, and of course – decorative gourds! All sizes and shapes of pumpkins and squash thrive here, as does corn, and even [...]

Keene, NH, a Best-Kept Secret Worth Sharing?

As we have discussed in prior blogs, our home base of Keene, NH is, quite simply, a great place to be. We have fun in the summertime, sponsor and participate in some great community events, have historic running races, international film festivals, and, of course, Pumpkin Festivals including new family oriented events, the Monadnock Fall [...]

Check Your Work Life Balance.

When most of us were little, we were taught to work hard, and good things would come to us. And for most of our early successes, this theory proved correct. However, Society has somehow, ever so quickly morphed into the current faster-than-life scenario, with technology being mostly to blame. How much and how hard you [...]

September 20th, 2016|Blog, Career Essentials, Job Search, Personal Growth, Wellness|

It is a sad day for Bacon lovers, everywhere.

It is indeed a sad day for all of us here in New England - Brattleboro, Vermont, in particular - as we just heard word that the TV and movie superhero/ legend, Kevin Bacon will not be able to make Brattleboro’s Baconfest 2017.  He mentions something about filming a movie in Vancouver which we *guess* [...]

September 15th, 2016|Blog, Local Events, Networking, News & Events|

Masiello Employment’s Staffing Services: What your company needs to know.

If you are involved in hiring, it is likely that you need us. Not just because we are  superhuman staffing machines (which we like to think we are) but because you simply do not have the time or the resources to do your own recruiting. Most busy, successful businesses do not, so fear not – [...]

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